Tianjin Xinxin Casing Co. Ltd.
    TianJin XinXin Casing Corp. Ltd., is a private-owned enterprise specializing in natural casings. It was established in 1997, takes up an area of 6712.70 square meters, the production workshop is 800 square meters, the cooler warehouse is 220 square meters. The new factory is constructed according to European Union's standard. Our technicians are well experienced. We have 60 workers to process casing and over 1000 casks to be exported annually to Europe , Japan and other countries.We mainly select salted sheep/goat casings & salted hog casings. Dried tubed hog/sheep casings could be produced according to the customers request.

    Our company is located with the superior geographical position in Jinghai county of Tianjin, adjoins the harbour of Xingang,Tianjin which enjoy the convenient transportation . There are long-term cooperation slaughterhouses in Xinjiang , Qinghai , Inner Mongolia whom supply us the raw materials in order to ensure the quality of the products. Our well experienced technicians is the strong support to our quality. Any enquire from the domestic and international will be received our proper attention. You are welcome to visit us at any time.


Tianjin Xinxin Casing Corp. Ltd.

Address £º No.1,Bingang 3rd Street, Tianjin Bingang High-Tech Foundry Industrial Zone, ZhongWang Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin, China
Postcode: 301615
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